Our core member #02- Kiwi

Name: Kiwi
Age: ~2 yrs (BOD2000/4)
Gender: Female
BreedĄGDomestic Shorthair

An orphan kitten

Kiwi was firstly found in the garden of a local university. It was picked up by a classmate of Rachel and adopted by Rachel and Anita. They worked very hard to keep Kiwi, and the most important was their love devoted. Otherwise, Kiwi may be not present in the world now.

Because Kiwi was very young and weak at that time, so Rachel and Anita needed to feed it replacing milk. The feeding frequency is almost once a 4 hours period, it was really not an easy job. I suggested that it is better to feed it at any time when it meows, in order to allow Kiwi to feel the way just like fed by its mother.

The absent minded classmate

While Kiwi was growing , the one who picked it up told Rachel and Anita that she wanted to get Kiwi back and move it to his grandmother house. Of course it is a ignorance to the effort of Rachel and Anita, and the fate of Kiwi would be very poor as the classmate think it could adapt the semi-stray condition.

Lastly we rejected this ridiculous request.

Lovely Kiwi

Kiwi has rounded eyes which are the key highlight of all. She is very attractive with the tabby/white bi-colored pattern. She is very independent and loves tidiness. Though she does not like to be hugged by people, she is able to keep good relationship with us and other cats.

(Raymond Wu Ą@PicturesĄGRachel & Raymond)

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