May 2005 Kittens

Kitten 1 - The biggest boy in the litter. Very affectionate and easy going.

Movie of Kitten 1

Kitten 2 - A playful boy with quite independent character loves to spend his attention to human being all times.        
Now is living in a lovely pet

Movie of Kitten 2

Kiwidom Monarda - A gentle lady with excellent temperament.
Best British Shorthair Kitten in the HKMCC show (December 2005) and got the title of DIVISION WINNER in CFA  INTERNATIONAL DIVISION(ASIA/ LATIN AMERICA REGION) 2005-2006

The above are the pictures of Kiwidom kittens taken when they were 2 months old. They were born in May, 2005. Sire Kiwidom Buzz Lightyear and Dame Sardross Hyacinthus

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