Kitten Care

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Kitten Care

Living Environment

Kitten should be kept under shelter, indoor environment is the best. It is dangerous to take it for a walk in a city as Hong Kong.

Hunting is the innate behavior of cat, they love to chase after and catch any little moving things, like birds or insects. So windows should be shut to avoid them from jumping out accidentally.

If you are unsure what will happen with your kitten when you are not at home, you should keep your cat in a comfortable and safe room or a big cage.

Keep the kitten away from the kitchen or washroom as the utilities may be harmful to young kitten like knives, gas stoves, water bucket, etc.

Keep your home clean to avoid diseases.

Ensure the other animals can live peacefully with your new kitten and prevent any fight which may occur. (To allow the other cats accept the new comer for a period of time, never put them together at once!)

Children are taught not to frighten the kitten.

Provide quite and warm places for the kitten to rest on.

The diet

Feed only the food dedicated to cats. Never feed man food, especially the table scraps. Otherwise the kitten will be sick.

Whatever kind of food are fed, wet or dry, a bowl of fresh clean water should be kept alongside. Never feed other beverages (exception: milk for feline).

Some plants or flowers may be poisonous to kitten. Be aware!

Health supplements can be fed under general condition, but not a must. You can seek for advice from your vet.

Some kittens love to drink tap water or toilet water which are not clean. Stop it!

Feed punctually everyday can keep your kitten healthy and happy.


Purr-sonal Care

Coat should be combed everyday and checked carefully for any flea or skin problem. It is not necessary to take a bath very frequently. A simply rub by a clean cloth or an moistened cloth is good.

Clean the ears at least once a couple weeks.

Trim the nails if they are too long.

The teeth and gum should be checked occasionally, tooth brushing is a good way to prevent plaque. If the gum is bleeding or bad smell occurs, go to see the vet as soon as possible.

The litter box should be cleaned everyday. Good quality cat sand is recommended.

Showing cat should better use the flea guarding materials.

Keep on the vaccination and vet check.