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PR Javeron Narcissus (Gold-eyed White )

Sire: Lagrange Givemtheflick
Dam: Chatpixie Emily Bronte

Devon Rex is an energetic breed with gentle temperament. Their personality is good for living together with people. They love to follow people and always gain host's love. Sometimes they look like dogs. Their outlook is quite ugly for someone, but their temperament and very soft curly hair can really attract many cat lovers.

Devon is one of our beloved cat breeds. We love them because they would be the most intelligent cats in the world. They are so affectionate and love to be around with human being. Just like someone told me, they look like a dog pretending cat. Yes they more or less are similar to Cornish Rex. However, we love their more pleasing to eye out shape and the big round eyes.

The video clips show how intelligent the cat is:



NB: We don't use food as treat or train Narcisuss to do so.

We are happy to have the great offer of Javeron Narcissus from Ms Alison Thompson of Javeron Cattery. Narcissus is a neutered boy and now is our family pet. He is intelligent and lovely. Though he is so  edacious, we must keep it good balance in weight as he is one of our show cats too. Narci (the name we call him) did so well in the previous 6th HKCLS show and able to acquire the premier by winning 4 winner ribbons.

We are so happy to own this Devon from Javeron. He is not only charming but also healthy. Though he is desexed, till now no sign of FLUTE is found . He is an active cat and keeps on exercising vigorously everyday. Again the only headache thing is that he loves to eat in anytime. It is true that the white cat is very very hard to be kept brilliant white, especially he is a Devon which can get dirty very soon. So we have to spend much more time in grooming him.

Someone asked us why keeping one more Devon and why not breed Devon also. Friends, we only love this breed and hope to own a pet of Devon. Even though we love this breed so much, we really have no spare time to breed at this moment, but we are hardly able to show after all.  Besides, like what we are doing in Brit, we also hope to promote this breed in Hong Kong. Cat lovers, you can ask for kittens or cats from the breeders overseas if you really love them. We believe there is nothing better than owning this wonderful Devon.

Good Luck!

Raymond Wu

The origin of Devon Rex
Devon Rex was first found in Devonshire of England in 1960. It is different from Cornish Rex, which is another breed found in England and also has curly hair. Actually they are not the same breed as their outlooks are triggered by two distinct genes. So, you can find there are two similar breed but with different names.

Devon Rex has been recognized by CFA since 1981. From that time, Devon Rex quickly becomes a popular cat breeds in England and US. However, the breeding of Devon Rex was going out of control as the blood lines are too close with the limited breeding stocks. Fortunately, it was notified by cat breeders and CFA has started to allow cross breeding the Devon Rex with British or American Shorthair recently (will be stopped in 2003), in order to enlarge the gene pool of Devon Rex.

Generally speaking, Devon Rex is a type of small cat and weighted around 7 to 9 pounds. It may be needed to be taken care about their weight as they are really very good eater.

The body of Devon Rex is slim. The limbs are muscular and strong and much more bony that Cornish Rex. Their heads are developed well with a mid length slim neck. All the body and even the thin tail is covered with short and curly hair.

It is very interesting that they are actually very sturdy when being hold on arms, though they look like very slim. They really have strong bones and good muscles, therefore they can move very quickly.

Head is very important in rating a good Devon Rex. Their head shape should seem to be an inverted triangle. The ears should be large enough to attract you and set as low as possible. The muzzle is protruded and there should be a stop at the nose. The forehead is flat, wide and parallel to the lower jaw which is not very visible.

Their eyes are quite round and large and a little slope at the ends. Different coat colors will have different eye colors. They seldom have eye problems and much more easy to clean that Persian or exotic.

The limbs are slim too and have good jumping ability. The paw are medium in thickness and toes are oval in shape. They walk very quickly and just like the cats in the jungle. You may be surprised about it. Though Devon Rex is a mutated cat breed but heredity diseases are not common.

Rex is the description of their curly coat, it is the type of fur which was firstly found in a rabbit. Devon's hair is short and much more curled than Cornish Rex. You can feel it very soft by touching it. The hair is arranged as wave like.

The coat colors are versatile and have no limitation to meet the standard. The most important is no baldness on everywhere.


Love to be with people and need the love of host very much (yes they are quite demanding). They like to sit around and even on the lap top of people. They are also talkative and the voice is soft and gentle. Their passion to human sometimes may cause trouble as they will be easily unhappy when people show insufficient care to them.

A clip showing how a CFA judge is describing the Devon.
The show: HKCLS 7th Champion (13~14th December, 2003)
The judge: Wayne Trevathan

If you want to know what is the standard of U.S. CFA Devon Rex. Please go  CFA site :
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The breed Profile
The breed standard

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Newly updated pictures of Narcissus in May 2003!!

Oh Summer!!

Don't miss my so fashionable summer look!



Contact: Raymond Wu

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