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5 weeks old

Name: Kiwidom Hakuna Matata (Blue-cream)
Sire: CH Sardross Bingo (Cream)
Dam: Sunsilk Eve (Blue)
Pedigree: 3 generations

I am the first baby of Kiwidom. My name means no worry!!

Matata now is adult and is keeping her beautiful look and wonderful gold eyes.

Updated on Sept. 14 2002

The first Kiwidom British Shorthair in the world!
Blue cream is a color from blue and cream which is only present in female cat. Good blue cream should have dispersed blue and cream coat.
I am a happy cat.
The leather pads of the paws are in blue and pink.
Bred to be a good typed BSH. Copper to gold color eyes are the must! Dame Sunsilk Eve is the big one among female BSH. Matata is the more medium one at her age.

Matata has inherited the wonderful eyes from the great breeding queen and stud Sunsilk Eve and Sardross Bingo.
A charming one!
Big and round head and eyes are the key characteristics of British Shorthair.
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What a lovely blue cream girl!

The wonderful outlook and personality of her has stopped me from transfer her to others.

Getting dried and enjoy milk.
Like a little angel came this world!
I have just my eyes opened.
A few days later, no worry....
My mother, Eve is so charming. I wish I will be as beautiful as her!
I love to play
Blue-cream is also a wonderful color in British Shorthairs. The coat and type are also very nice.



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