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Cats have always been in my life

Hello all!! I am Raymond from Hong Kong. Thank you very much for visiting my web page.

With the accumulation of experience of keeping cats, I and my wife decided to start a breeding program on cat. I have started to keep cats for over three year and started to find our first breeding stock in 2000.  I concerned the standard in term of health. Therefore I tried to contact the foreign breeders. Fortunately I found some very nice catteries in Australia. Not only they could provide me a pair of good stock and also sufficient information about breeding. I am still keeping tight contact which allows me to seek for helping hands.

The prefix "Kiwidom" of our cattery was a combination of my two non-pedigree cats 'Kiwi' and 'Dom'. From this two cats I have learnt much about keep cats and found the extreme differences between pedigree and non-pedigree. Also they arouse me  the  importance of pedigree.

Our Ethic

We started our cat breeding plan after a serious consideration and hope to help more people to own their lovely pedigreed cats. We  never have any deal with pet shops. We bought our breeding cats from reliable breeders  directly by ourselves. For the breeding rights, we only transferred breeding cats to someone who was referred by other reliable breeders. They all are working carefully  for responsible breeding, not mill type.

We are willing to help people to start their lives with cats and eager to share my experience in keeping healthy cats. We are open minded to ask overseas or local breeders and the vets for enhancement of our knowledge.

Thank you all for visiting my website.

Raymond WU .September 2015.


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