Why a pedigree cat?


First of all, I would like to remind all of you that:

You are able to choose but the pet do not. (It is very inconsistent to purchase a pet just because you want to show others you are a kind person.)


You undoubtedly have the right to choose! (In your life, you should have been making thousands of decisions. Choosing a pet is no exception.)

When you intend to have an animal for a pet, it is 100% normal to spend time on choosing. The breeds, the outlook, the size, the temperament, the voice, the type of fur and many other things else are choices for you.

It is important to have serious consideration about 'what is your favorite' before you make a decision to own a pet. Under this discipline, not only your expectation will be favored, and also your lovely pet will be. You may be noticed that there are still a large no of 'pets' being abandoned by their hosts. Why? I believe you certainly can answer it without difficulty. If you do not want to be the next maker of tragedy, you MUST answer it!!


Never dreaming to own a dream cat

I have heard many cases that the pet owners abandoned their pets with the excuse of 'wakening from dream'. They mentioned they finally found what were their dislikes or likes and shifted to keep other pets like dogs or any other monsters.

So, I strongly recommend you, the one who would like or are ready to have a pet, to arrange a sufficient time for learning more about ANIMALS, CATS and CAT BREEDS. Cats have distinct living characteristics, which are different from other pets like dogs, hamsters or whatever. After you have ensured that you love cats, you could ask yourself what kind of cat you like.



If you do have expectations on the coat color, the look, the personality or any other characteristic of the cat, you should consider of choosing a so-called 'pure breed' or pedigree kittens. It is because that the pedigree cats usually have tailored phenotypes (characteristics) which can suited you much more easily.

Different breed offers you differences

Different cat breeds have their own specific outlook and temperament. Persians have long coats and laid-back personalities. Devon Rex has short curly coat and talkative. British shorthair has robust body and easygoing personalities. Therefore, you can read more about different breeds before purchasing your dream kittens.

Health comes first!

Beside the possibility of choosing, the pedigree cats have advantages over the matter of health. Pedigree kittens are usually bred from the cats that are selected carefully by the breeders. Breeder will do the best stud and queen match by referring the information from the pedigree. It is important to pick out the undesired hereditary diseases or defects. Moreover, the temperament of cats can also be improved generation to generation (The breed Bengal is a good example). So, good controlled breeding of pedigree cat can obtain a health guarantee and prevent the genetic artifacts propagated.

Contact: Raymond Wu