Never breed the non-breeding quality cat!


Many cat owners have wrong concept on breeding. They sometimes just want one litter for fun, for proving their own theory (some insist that it is the expression of love) or for sharing experience with friends. It is totally inconsistent to the benefit of the cats.

With the ignoring of kittens quality, they will breed the cat with poor quality cat and produce kittens with poor quality. Though they are physically health, the temperament, standards and the predictive possibilities for their breeds of the next generations are all disturbed and misted. These kittens will not only unable to meet the breed standard, and also unable to be guaranteed the health condition as it is unpredictable without counting the parents condition reflected from the pedigree. It is totally against to the principle of breeding pedigreed cat in general.

Many reputable breeders work very hard on breeding excellent quality cats. They must ensure the offspring are qualified for the corresponding breed. It is not only an investment of money but also TIME. No breeder would like to see his or her effort being abused by the uncontrolled breeding.

If it really happens to a breeder, I believe the breeder may be distressed and become less eager to continue the breeding program. Therefore, the result is the unavailability of good quality kittens. On the other hand, the number of disqualified kittens may be exploding horribly.


This irresponsible breeding should be prohibited!

The pet quality cats and cats without pedigree should better be spayed and neutered.

Contact: Raymond Wu