Don't purchase kittens from pet shops


Don't purchase kittens from pet shops.

In Hong Kong, many pet lovers always purchase their first pet from pet shops. But, it is not a good practice though these pets are labeled pure-breed or vaccinated.

It is hardly to find reputable pet shops in Hong Kong that sell good quality pets. Some of my friends who visited Hong Kong pet shops told me that these are the terrible places they had never gone before. The pets always suffer from sickness and untidiness. They also claimed that no pet shop in their countries sell or even display dogs or cats. They are some restricted by laws and some are of the self obedient. By the way, not selling or displaying animals in the shops is a good manner and favour to the welfare of animals of all.

In Hong Kong, some pet shops sell animals which are mass-produced from mills which may be local or in the mainland China. These mills usually lack effective monitoring by the owner and the government. The hygiene condition is worse and most of the litters are born with diseases and genetic defects. Though they are listed cheaper price, sometimes they will inevitably cost more than a genuine pedigreed pet as the necessity of visiting the vet many times.

If you want to purchase a good standard and healthy cat, you better find the genuine breeders. They can be located in the cat shows and meanwhile you can also get to know the cat breeds they work on. Unfortunately, only a very small number of cat shows will be held locally yearly. In present condition, your dream to own a wonderful kitten may not come true with the limited no of local breeders.

I must remind all of you who would like to have a cat that it is better to avoid finding cats in the classified ads on newspaper or magazines as they occasionally are not true and many are the products from the mills mentioned above. Some of them are bred by amateur breeders who are not actively working to produce pedigreed cats, the kittens may not fulfill the standards required by any registering association.

If you really want to read ads from media, apart from ordinary magazines, you can read the real magazines for cat fanciers. Most of them are foreign but fortunatly one is local called "CAT MAGAZINE" by Popart Production.

You can also locate the breeders in the Internet like online references of cat breeders such as the Fancier's Breeder Referral List or this site.


Contact: Raymond Wu